May 19th, 2010

You've got to ask yourself one question.

Dark Future never was so cute.

Не прошло и года. Честно, не прошло. Как я неожиданно заметил в своём глазу порнографических размеров бревно рекордного недостроя.

Встречайте, Emperors Cutest.

Independent Character, Deep Strike

Special Rules

Emperors Cutest!
Gothic Lolita cannot be chosen as a target for shooting or assault neither she can shoot or assault. She is just too damn cute for it.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Gothic Lolita always start game in reserve even when mission special rules doesn't permit reserves. She always arrive via deep strike (even when mission special rules doesn't permit deep strike, you bet).

Thank God I'm Pretty!
When Gothic Lolita arrives all units (enemy and friendly) wich have line of sight to her, must make morale check immediately. Even units with immunity to morale and vehicles are affected (vehicles have Ld 10 for the purposes of this check). Units that failed morale check must immediately fall back, but instead of normal fall back direction they must move towards Gothic Lolita (vehicles move 3d6 inches, just like cavalry).

I'm Not Your Chambermaid!
After all morale checks are done remove Gothic Lolita from the table and place her back in reserve. On the next turn roll for reserves as usual using Gothic Lolita again. Yes, she can arrive from reserve multiple times during one game!

How to Break a Heart!
If Gothic Lolita arrives two turns in row (i.e. when you declare Thanks God I'm pretty! the next turn after previous Thanks God I'm pretty! was declared) all related morale checks are at -1 to Ld (Stubborn universal special rule doesn't affect this modifier). Any unit wich fails morale check is immediately removed from the table and placed into reserve.

Здесь производится запись в Gothic Lolita Korps. Помните, в Вархаммере только у нас есть печеньки! Запишитесь добровольно сегодня и вам не придётся отправиться в штрафбат завтра!

Любая конструктивная критика даст +1 к печенькам.